PRP Treatments for Knee Arthritis

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PRP Treatments for Knee Arthritis

Living with arthritis can be a challenge, limiting your mobility with chronic joint pain. When knee arthritis prevents you from enjoying the lifestyle you want, consider regenerative treatment options available today.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy can promote healing using your body's blood to stimulate the health of your joints and tendons. Your body's healing processes depend on unique proteins, called growth factors, to help your cells communicate and repair themselves through signaling molecules.

Research has shown that injected platelet-rich plasma greatly reduces pain compared to placebo injections. PRP treatments for knee arthritis improve physical function. Follow-up studies have shown that even 12 months later, prolonged healing continues.1

In addition to promoting tissue growth, PRP reduces inflammation and dissolves scar tissue.2 A PRP injection for knee pain may require several injections depending on the individual's situation. PRP treatments can significantly benefit people with chronic pain, poor mobility, or other joint problems.

This non surgical treatment for arthritis can enable an active person to continue with their daily routine. Contact the Joint Preservation Institute for more information.

AUTHOR: Dr. Amir Jamali, founder of the Joint Preservation Institute, is a board-certified fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon in Northern California specializing in treatments for the knee, hip and shoulder.

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