COVID-19 and the Role of Home-made Masks

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COVID-19 and the Role of Home-made Masks

As we all prepare to go through the difficult challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some bright spots around the world. Those are from countries that have been able to slow down the virus and even eliminate new cases. Based on a number of excellent resources, it turns out that masks, made in the home, and worn in the community may be a big part of that answer. I prepared this video for our community and have shared with a number of government and healthcare experts. Please share it with your friends.

I Protect You, You Protect Me. from Joint Preservation Institute

Below are some additional resources regarding the use of masks in slowing the pandemic below.

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Amir Jamali, MD

Masks Resources for COVID-19

Petr Ludwig Video from the Czech Republic.

This is a nice video about the use of masks in the Czech Republic. – Click Here to Watch

Compilation of scientific and technical papers on the use of masks for airborne viruses. Thanks to Jeremy Howard. – Click Here to Read

Facebook Groups Supporting the Making of Masks

1. The Masks Now Coalition

2. Home Made Face Masks: COVID-19

3. Sewing for Lives

Good tutorials on how to make your own mask:

Click here for more info.